[Python-Dev] Nearly - all tests PASS for AIX

Michael aixtools at felt.demon.nl
Mon Sep 17 06:50:11 EDT 2018

Dear all,

The last two months I have spent nearly all my free time to cleanup "a
frustration" - from my side - the long list of failing tests for AIX
(there were nearly 20 when I started).

atm - I am stuck on one - test_importlib (mail elsewhere), and the one I
just finished (test_httpservers) may be overly simplified (just skipping
the trailing-slash tests) - see issue34711 for a discussion. I would be
grateful for feedback before I post it as a PR - to avoid working in

I hope you, the developers and development-minded community consider in
a useful contribution.

Currently - with all my proposed patches combined I have:

393 tests OK.

1 test failed:

25 tests skipped:
    test_dbm_gnu test_devpoll test_epoll test_gdb test_idle
    test_kqueue test_lzma test_msilib test_ossaudiodev test_readline
    test_spwd test_sqlite test_startfile test_tcl test_tix test_tk
    test_ttk_guionly test_ttk_textonly test_turtle test_unicode_file
    test_unicode_file_functions test_winconsoleio test_winreg
    test_winsound test_zipfile64

1 re-run test:

Awaiting comments and suggestions. Many thanks for your time.

Michael Felt

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