[Python-Dev] [RELEASE] Python 3.7.1rc1 and 3.6.7rc1 now available for testing

Michael Felt aixtools at felt.demon.nl
Thu Sep 27 10:55:47 EDT 2018

Not critical - but I note a difference between Python3 3.6.7 and 3.7.1 -
no support for the configure option --with-openssl.

On AIX I was able to run both configure and "make install" without incident.

I also ran the "make test" command.


9 tests failed again:
    test_ctypes test_distutils test_httpservers test_importlib
    test_site test_socket test_time  test_utf8_mode test_venv

There are, for most of above, a PR for these waiting final review and merge.

test_utf8_mode: I thought this was already merged. Will research.

test_venv, test_site: new test failures (I am not familiar with). Will
need more research.

16 tests failed:
    test_asyncio test_ctypes test_distutils test_ftplib test_httplib
    test_httpservers test_importlib test_locale
    test_multiprocessing_fork test_multiprocessing_forkserver
    test_multiprocessing_spawn test_socket test_ssl test_strptime
    test_time test_tools

FYI: again, there are PR for many of these, but, for now, I'll assume
they will not be considered for backport. FYI only.

On 9/27/2018 4:21 AM, Ned Deily wrote:
>  Assuming no
> critical problems are found prior to 2018-10-06, no code changes are
> planned between these release candidates and the final releases. These
> release candidates are intended to give you the opportunity to test the
> new security and bug fixes in 3.7.1 and 3.6.7. We strongly encourage you
> to test your projects and report issues found to bugs.python.org as soon
> as possible.

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