[Python-Dev] Collaboration on a set of Python snaps

Alan Pope alan.pope at canonical.com
Mon Apr 15 07:21:17 EDT 2019

Hi Python devs,

I work on the Snapcraft [0] team at Canonical. I'm looking for a Python
contributor to collaborate with us on making snaps of supported releases of
Python available in the Snap Store [1].

Travis CI and Canonical are looking for someone (preferably North-America
based) to participate in an in-person Snapcraft Summit in downtown
Montreal, Canada from 11th to 13th June. We're sponsoring a number of
software vendors, device manufacturers people from the robotics sector to
come. We'd love someone from the Python project to join us. We’ve published
this blog post to explain the event in more detail:


The goal would be to create snaps of the major supported releases of
Python, and authoritatively publish them in the Snap Store. This would
enable users of many different Linux distributions to easily obtain up to
date supported versions of Python directly from the Python project.

It also enables providers of CI systems (such as Travis) to the latest
builds of Python are easily available to developers who use their services.
We've done this previously with NodeJS [2] and Ruby [3] - among others. It
would be great to have Python available via this method too.

All the best,

[0] - https://snapcraft.io/
[1] - https://snapcraft.io/store
[2] - https://snapcraft.io/node
[3] - https://snapcraft.io/ruby
Alan Pope
Community Advocate

Canonical - Ubuntu Engineering and Services
+44 (0) 7973 620 164
alan.pope at canonical.com
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