[Python-Dev] Concurrent.futures: no type discovery for PyCharm

Ilya Kamenshchikov ikamenshchikov at gmail.com
Sat Apr 20 04:56:44 EDT 2019

I am using concurrent.futures to parallelize independent tasks on multiple
cores once in a while. Each time I have a difficulty remembering the
specific syntax and have to look it up in old code or google. I would much
prefer to be able to find the source through the PyCharm and have
autocompletion. It takes adding two lines to the __init__.py of

(insert on line 19)

from .process import ProcessPoolExecutor
from .thread import ThreadPoolExecutor

I would also guess that it would make the __getattr__ redundant?

Am I missing something or can this change be done this way and would
indeed be an improvement?

Best Regards,
Ilya Kamenshchikov
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