[Python-Dev] How to update namedtuple asdict() to use dict instead of OrderedDict

eamanu15 emmanuelarias30 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 06:57:10 EST 2019


> Option 4) Just make the change directly in 3.8,  s/OrderedDict/dict/, and
> be done will it.  This gives users the benefits right away and doesn't
> annoy them with warnings that they likely don't care about.   There is some
> precedent for this.  To make namedtuple class creation faster, the
> *verbose* option was dropped without any deprecation period.  It looks like
> no one missed that feature at all, but they did get the immediate benefit
> of faster import times.  In the case of using regular dicts in named
> tuples, people will get immediate and significant space savings as well as
> a speed benefit.

 +1 for option 4

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