[Python-Dev] Asking for reversion

Antoine Pitrou solipsis at pitrou.net
Sun Feb 3 16:03:40 EST 2019


I'd like to ask for the reversion of the changes done in

The reason is simple: the PR isn't complete, it lacks docs and tests.
It also didn't pass any review (this was pointed by Ronald), even
though it adds 1300 lines of code.  No programmer is perfect, so it's
statistically likely that the PR is defective.

With git, forks and branches, we definitely don't need to commit
unfinished PRs to the main repo.  It's perfectly fine to maintain
some non-trivial piece of work in a separate fork.  People do it on a
regular basis (for example I have currently two such
long-lived branches: one for PEP 556 and one for PEP 574).

Also, this is not the first time this happened.  Another
multiprocessing PR was merged some years ago without any docs or tests:

Today that work /still/ lacks docs or tests, and there is a suspicion
that it doesn't work as intended (see issue comments).  It's probably
too late to revert it, but it's definitely a slippery slope.



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