[Python-Dev] About multiprocessing maintainership

Antoine Pitrou solipsis at pitrou.net
Mon Feb 4 05:37:16 EST 2019


In a recent message, Raymond dramatically pretends that I would have
"edited out" Davin of the maintainers list for the multiprocessing

What I did (*) is different: I asked to mark Davin inactive and to stop
auto-assigning him on bug tracker issues.  Davin was /still/ listed in
the experts list, along with me and others.  IOW, there was no "editing

(*) https://github.com/python/devguide/pull/435

The reason I did this is simple: Davin does not do, and has almost
never done, any actual maintenance work on multiprocessing (if you are
not convinced, just go through the git history, and the PRs that were
merged in the ~4 last years).  He usually does not respond to tracker
issues opened by users.  He does not review PRs.  The only sizable
piece of work he committed is, as I mentioned in the previous thread,
still untested and undocumented.

Auto-assigning someone who never (AFAICT) responds to issues ultimately
does a disservice to users, whose complaints go unanswered; while other
people, who /do/ respond to users, are not aware of those stale issues.



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