[Python-Dev] Python 3.8 alpha and AIX buildbot “support” moving forward.

Michael Felt (aixtools) aixtools at felt.demon.nl
Sat Feb 9 09:45:58 EST 2019

Congratulations on the official begin of the alpha phase of Python3-3.8. 

I hope there will be time to consider three of my PRs so that this phase has at least one of the AIX buildbots (not mine I fear) is passing all the tests and can finally serve it’s real purpose and signal when a change toggles it’s status from PASS to FAIL. 

Next week I hope to have some time to dig deeper and try to establish why my bot fails additional tests (in the multiprocessing module(s)) as well why AIX fails test_bdb when utf8 support is (additionally) installed but passes when utf8 support is not installed. 

While I am also concerned about AIX status I also hope that my inspection is helping to improve Python. 


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