[Python-Dev] datetime.timedelta total_microseconds

Paul Ganssle paul at ganssle.io
Thu Feb 14 09:04:20 EST 2019

I don't think it's totally unreasonable to have other total_X() methods,
where X would be days, hours, minutes and microseconds, but it also
doesn't seem like a pressing need to me.

I think the biggest argument against it is that they are all trivial to
implement as necessary, because they're just unit conversions that
involve multiplication or division by constants, which is nowhere near
as complicated to implement as the original `total_seconds` method.
Here's the issue where total_seconds() was implemented, it doesn't seem
like there was any discussion of other total methods until after the
issue was closed: https://bugs.python.org/issue5788

I think the main issue is how "thick" we want the timedelta class to
be.  With separate methods for every unit, we have to maintain and
document 5 methods instead of 1, though the methods are trivial and the
documentation could maybe be shared.

If I had a time machine, I'd probably recommend an interface something
like this:

def total_duration(self, units='seconds'):
    return self._total_seconds() * _SECONDS_PER_UNIT[units]

I suppose it would be possible to move to that interface today, though I
think it would be mildly confusing to have two functions that do the
same thing (total_seconds and total_duration), which may not be worth it
considering that these functions are a pretty minor convenience.



On 2/14/19 12:05 AM, Richard Belleville via Python-Dev wrote:
> In a recent code review, the following snippet was called out as
> reinventing the
> wheel:
> def _timedelta_to_microseconds(delta):
>   return int(delta.total_seconds() * _MICROSECONDS_PER_SECOND)
> The reviewer thought that there must already exist a standard library
> function
> that fulfills this functionality. After we had both satisfied
> ourselves that we
> hadn't simply missed something in the documentation, we decided that
> we had
> better raise the issue with a wider audience.
> Does this functionality already exist within the standard library? If
> not, would
> a datetime.timedelta.total_microseconds function be a reasonable
> addition? I
> would be happy to submit a patch for such a thing.
> Richard Belleville
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