[Python-Dev] buildbottest on Android emulator with docker

Xavier de Gaye xdegaye at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 11:57:38 EST 2019

The following command runs the buildbottest on an Android emulator with docker (it will use a little bit more than 11 GB):

     $ docker run -it --privileged xdegaye/abifa:r14b-24-x86_64-master

This command does:
* pull an image from the Docker hub (only the first time that the command is run, note that this a 2 GB download !) and start a container
* pull the latest changes from the GitHub cpython repository and cross-compile python
* start an Android emulator and install python on it
* run the buildbottest target of cpython Makefile

The image is built from a Dockerfile [2].

This same image can also be used with the 'bash' command line argument to enter bash in the container and run python interactively on the emulator [1].  If the 'docker run' command also sets a bind mount to a local cpython repository, then it is possible to develop/debug/fix python on the emulator running in this container using one's own clone of cpython.

[1] documentation at https://xdegaye.gitlab.io/abifa/docker.html
[2] Dockerfile at https://gitlab.com/xdegaye/abifa/blob/master/docker/Dockerfile.r14b-24-x86_64-master


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