[Python-Dev] Making PyInterpreterState an opaque type

Michael aixtools at felt.demon.nl
Thu Feb 21 06:35:09 EST 2019

On 16/02/2019 23:34, Steve Dower wrote:
> I like that we're taking (small) steps to reduce the size of our API. 

I consider myself - an "outsider", so an "outsider's" view is that
anything that makes it more clear about what is intended aka supported
as the Python API is an improvement.

Without clarity there is a chance (read risk) that someone starts using
something and forces a long and difficult process to make it part of the
official API or get acceptance that something never should have been
done "that way".

Shorter: promote clarity.

IMHO: it is easier to move something from the 'internal' to public than
v.v. and whenever there is not a compelling reason to not put something
into some form of 'internal' - do it before not doing so bites you in a
nasty way.

My two (outsider) bits - :)

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