[Python-Dev] "Good first issues" on the bug tracker

Cheryl Sabella chekat2 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 08:57:25 EST 2019


Due to the upcoming sprints at PyCon, there will be issues marked in the
bug tracker as 'Good first issues'.  Please do *not* submit pull requests
for these as it is difficult to find suitable issues.

Instead of working on these issues, I'd like to propose a much more
difficult challenge to current contributors looking for something to work
on.  Please find issues which can be tackled at the sprint!  They are out
there, but the trick is finding them.  :-)

Here's the link to the mentored sprint page to understand the audience:

I don't think this needs to be limited to documentation changes, but those
are the obvious choice (even the devguide suggests it).  The goal is really
workflow, meaning the new contributor doesn't necessarily have to solve the
problem themselves - if an issue says: x function in y module needs to have
z applied, then there's a lot of hurdles there for a newcomer which may not
involve solving the problem.

If you find anything you think is suitable, please add a comment with 'good
first issue' and nosy me or Mariatta on it.  If you're unsure, then nosy us
anyway.  It would be awesome to have too many issues to choose from than
not enough.  If an issue isn't worked on at the sprint, then it would still
be available to new contributors afterwards, so the exercise of flagging
the issues wouldn't be wasted effort.

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