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Mariatta mariatta at python.org
Thu Feb 21 18:18:23 EST 2019

Cheryl, thanks for starting this thread and for helping to find easy issues
to be worked on.

I'm sympathetic to wanting to have tasks for the PyCon sprints, but at
> the same time it feels exclusionary to "save" them from people who want
> to volunteer at other times. Having paid to attend PyCon shouldn't be a
> barrier or a privilege for contributing (though it's certainly a
> smoother road by having contributors there to assist, which is why other
> conferences/sprints are keen to have core developers attend as mentors).

I understand your concern, but I hope people understand that the mentored
sprint is a little bit different than the regular sprint days.
The target audience of the mentored sprint are folks who are
underrepresented minorities, in my personal experience, they are less
privileged to begin with.
We want to be inclusive, and therefore we're encouraging those who are not
from underrepresented group to bring along someone else from
underrepresented group with them.

The mentored sprint is taking place during the main conference days, and
looking at the signups, most of the participants have told us they want to
sprint for 4 hours on Saturday afternoon.
This means they will be missing out on lots of quality talks happening at
the same time which they paid for.
Our goal is really to make contributing more accessible by paring them up
with mentors, but without straightforward issues to be worked on, they
can't continue effectively.

The issues that's been earmarked for the mentored sprint are so far
documentation and typo fixes and not urgent issues.
I don't believe that we're "stealing away" opportunity to contribute from
those who weren't able to come to PyCon, but I understand that point of

In any case, I'm appreciative to those who have helped find issues to be
worked on the mentored sprint, and I also understand that I can't (and
won't) stop other people from working on these issues before the sprint at

While I'm here, I'd like to invite you all to participate in the mentored
sprint if you can. Help spread the word, or sign up to mentor.
Any open source project is welcome to sign up! Check the page for more
details. https://us.pycon.org/2019/hatchery/mentoredsprints/

I'm a little busy with PyCascades until next Monday, but after that I'll be
happy to answer any questions about the mentored sprint.

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