[Python-Dev] Add minimal information with a new issue?

Stephen J. Turnbull turnbull.stephen.fw at u.tsukuba.ac.jp
Fri Feb 22 00:14:01 EST 2019

Barry Warsaw writes:
 > On Feb 21, 2019, at 10:34, Raymond Hettinger <raymond.hettinger at gmail.com> wrote:
 > > 
 > > I think that anything that raises the cost of filing a bug report
 > > will work to our detriment. Ideally, we want the barriers to
 > > reporting to be as low as possible.

A template is probably counterproductive.  A program that fills in the
most of the template automatically would make the barrier lower than
it currently is.

 > `python -m reportbug` could make the process even easier (too easy?).

If badly designed it could make the process too easy (ie, fill the
tracker with reports that triage to "closed as duplicate of #NNNNN").

We know a lot about this process now, though.  For example, Launchpad
and some other trackers ask you to input some keywords and tries to
pull up related reports.  The reportbug program could collect internal
information (with an option it could suck up all the information
Victor's program collects), ask the reporter a few simple questions,
formulate the query (including both the generated information and the
reporter's information), and open a browser window on the tracker.

This would probably make a good GSoC project ....


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