[Python-Dev] "Good first issues" on the bug tracker

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Sun Feb 24 02:34:06 EST 2019

On 2/23/2019 2:50 PM, Cheryl Sabella wrote:

  AM Karthikeyan <tir.karthi at gmail.com> wrote:
>     I would also recommend waiting for a core dev or someone to provide
>     some feedback or confirmation on even an easy issue's fix since it's
>     easy to propose a fix to be later rejected due to various reasons
>     resulting in wasted work and disappointment.
> Agreed, but perhaps the most helpful way to do that is to propose the 
> fix in a comment on the bug tracker and then, if a core dev or expert 
> says it's a good idea, then move ahead with it?

I agree with both of you as to what contributors, especially new 
contributors, *should* do.  But they sometimes race to 'grab' an issue 
by (prematurely) submitting a PR, sometimes after ignoring coredev 
comments and disagreements.  I have occasionally said on an issue that a 
PR was premature.

What really annoys me is if I say on an issue "Maybe we should add this 
sentence: 'jkjsf j fsjk sjkf sjskjfjs  sflsj sfjsfjljsgjgeij k fjlfjs.' 
What do others think?" and within an hour someone who is incapable of 
writing or even properly reviewing the sentence mechanically copies it 
into a PR.  I see this as intellectual theft and have been tempted to 
close a couple of PRs as such.

Terry Jan Reedy

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