[Python-Dev] Asking for reversion

Antoine Pitrou solipsis at pitrou.net
Mon Feb 25 05:52:39 EST 2019

On Sat, 23 Feb 2019 22:09:03 -0600
Davin Potts <python+python_dev at discontinuity.net> wrote:
> I have done what I was asked to do:  I added tests and docs in a new
> PR (GH-11816) as of Feb 10.
> Since that time, the API has matured thanks to thoughtful feedback
> from a number of active reviewers.  At present, we appear to have
> stabilized around an API and code that deserves to be exercised
> further.  To get that exercise and because there are currently no
> outstanding objections, I am merging the PR to get it into the second
> alpha.  There will undoubtedly be further revisions and adjustments.

I agree the overall API looks reasonable.  Thanks for doing this in



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