[Python-Dev] Possible performance regression

Victor Stinner vstinner at redhat.com
Tue Feb 26 15:36:16 EST 2019

I made an attempt once and it was faster:

But I had bugs and I didn't know how to implement correctly a compiler.


Le mardi 26 février 2019, Neil Schemenauer <nas-python at arctrix.com> a
écrit :
> On 2019-02-25, Eric Snow wrote:
>> So it looks like commit ef4ac967 is not responsible for a performance
>> regression.
> I did a bit of exploration myself and that was my conclusion as
> well.  Perhaps others would be interested in how to use "perf" so I
> did a little write up:
> https://discuss.python.org/t/profiling-cpython-with-perf/940
> To me, it looks like using a register based VM could produce a
> pretty decent speedup.  Research project for someone. ;-)
> Regards,
>   Neil
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