[Python-Dev] VxWorks and cpython?

Kuhl, Brian brian.kuhl at windriver.com
Wed Jan 9 11:06:56 EST 2019

Hi Python Developers,
I'm Brian Kuhl, I've spent about  28 years working with embedded software. Since 2000 I've worked for Wind River. I'm currently a manager of documentation and customer training in our Ottawa, Canada office. Throughout my career I've had an interest in the use of open source software in embedded systems, have ported many libraries to Wind River's flagship product the VxWorks RTOS.

The safe and secure embedded market where VxWorks is the leader is evolving, and devices that use to be made up of multiple processors running multiple operating systems are now being consolidated. Device security and IoT trends mean a device must be more configurable and updateable, and a better host for portable code. In this evolving space our  customers have asked us to add Python support to VxWorks.

Wind River would like cpython to officially support VxWorks.  I've been ask by my colleagues to volunteer as a maintainer for cpython in order to support this effort.  Wind River will also provide the needed buildbot clients required to verify continuing VxWorks support.

Myself and an intern were able to get the majority of Python tests suite passing with a POC last year.
An engineering group in Beijing  have taken that POC and are improving and cleaning up that effort now with the hopes of up-steaming their efforts.

My Chinese colleagues have suggested that the first step to gaining your support would be to summit a PEP detailing the changes?
If you agree, I will proceed with authoring a PEP.

Many thanks in advance for your responses,


P.S. I can be found on  github (and many other places) as kuhlenough.

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