[Python-Dev] VxWorks and cpython?

Nick Coghlan ncoghlan at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 07:52:06 EST 2019

On Fri, 11 Jan 2019 at 03:23, Victor Stinner <vstinner at redhat.com> wrote:
> Le jeu. 10 janv. 2019 à 17:54, Kuhl, Brian <brian.kuhl at windriver.com> a écrit :
> > Do we set them up, and just let them fail, till enough PRs are accepted to make it build?
> Multiple buildbot workers are failing since many years. *I* would
> prefer to see the full test suite passing (even if some tests are
> skipped on your platform) before adding a buildbot, but it seems like
> some people have a different opinion on that. For example, there is an
> AIX buildbot and some tests are still failing (it was always red,
> failing, no?).

Michael Felt has been working towards getting that AIX bot green, and
I merged several PRs over the end of year break to help make progress
towards that goal.

He hit a similar challenge to the one Brian will be facing: putting
all the changes in one PR can make it overwhelming to review (so the
PR stalls), but splitting them up into individual PRs can result in
changes that don't appear sufficiently well motivated on their own (so
those PRs also stall).

The AIX case is currently an example where some of the buildbot
"fixes" are actually test skips, as the goal is to get to a point
where "things that currently work on AIX keep working, while folks
interested in AIX can work towards getting the not-working things
indicated by skipped tests also working".


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