[Python-Dev] Summer of Code 2019 Mentors

Matthew Lagoe Matthew.Lagoe at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 17:53:16 EST 2019

Hi Python community folk!

As we've done for the past many years, Python is hoping to participate
in Google Summer of Code.  This is a neat program where students write
code over the (northern hemisphere) summer under the tutelage of open
source mentors and get paid: we provide the project ideas, mentors and
choose the students, Google provides the program framework and the money
to pay students.  You can read more about GSoC here:

Python participates as an "umbrella org" where many different smaller
projects ("sub orgs") that use Python can take part under our banner.
You can also participate separately, but for people who've never done it
before and want help or for whom the paperwork is a hassle, you're
welcome to join up with us and let us show you the ropes!

It's really fun, and we've gotten lots of new contributors to
Python-based projects over the years, taking in as many as 70+ students
in a single year.  Last year we only had 15, though, so we've got lots
of space for new mentors and new projects.

We didn't have any projects for core python last year as there were no
for the projects, so if anyone is interested in mentoring this year let us
know asap!

You can also send questions to gsoc-admins at python.org (or just hit reply
to this email!)
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