[Python-Dev] PEPs from non-core devs now need a sponsor

Brett Cannon brett at snarky.ca
Mon Mar 4 20:43:59 EST 2019

The steering council has implemented a new idea called sponsors to the PEP
process (added in
The thinking is that to help make sure PEPs from non-core developers
receive appropriate guidance through the PEP process, a core developer
needs to sign on to be a sponsor of the PEP. Being a sponsor does *not*
preclude the core dev from eventually becoming a co-author or BDFL-delegate
later on (but obviously not both), but the expectation is the sponsor is
supportive of the idea (because if a single core dev won't sign on to help
then what chance does the PEP have of being accepted?).

If this doesn't turn out well we can obviously revert this, but hopefully
this will make things smoother for those who are new to the PEP process.
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