[Python-Dev] PEPs from non-core devs now need a sponsor

Brett Cannon brett at snarky.ca
Wed Mar 6 12:56:23 EST 2019

Just to clarify a key point here which is covered in PEP 1 but based on
offline conversations is being missed, the need for a sponsor only kicks in
for committing it to the peps repo which typically kicks in when
transitioning from python-ideas to python-dev (although if one gets a
sponsor sooner then great as getting mentoring on how to handle the process
is always beneficial) . This should not be a barrier to presenting an idea
or writing up a proto-PEP for python-ideas if people are too shy to ask
upfront for a sponsor until their idea shows merit (and remember that we
already ask people to fork the peps repo and get feedback on their
proto-PEPs in their own fork instead of in the official repo). Nor should
this impact slow-burning ideas which people have to warm up to as that
typically happens before a PEP is written anyway.

I also don't see this preventing PEPs written to be explicitly rejected
either. I personally am happy to sponsor such PEPs as I'm sure several
other core devs are as well.

On Mon, Mar 4, 2019 at 5:43 PM Brett Cannon <brett at snarky.ca> wrote:

> The steering council has implemented a new idea called sponsors to the PEP
> process (added in
> https://github.com/python/peps/commit/c58d32c33bd06eb386d3f33963a1434510528f68).
> The thinking is that to help make sure PEPs from non-core developers
> receive appropriate guidance through the PEP process, a core developer
> needs to sign on to be a sponsor of the PEP. Being a sponsor does *not*
> preclude the core dev from eventually becoming a co-author or BDFL-delegate
> later on (but obviously not both), but the expectation is the sponsor is
> supportive of the idea (because if a single core dev won't sign on to help
> then what chance does the PEP have of being accepted?).
> If this doesn't turn out well we can obviously revert this, but hopefully
> this will make things smoother for those who are new to the PEP process.
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