[Python-Dev] PEPs from non-core devs now need a sponsor

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> i think that "should have at least a mentor guiding you" sounds a lot more
> better than
> a core developer needs to sign on to be a sponsor
> that sounds a lot more that without backing, you can't submit a pep, i
> guess the core devs wanted to make things easier but the sponsor thing etc
> put me off.
> for someone using py, ideas sometimes come but since i've not yet
> submitted a pep, when i see a change in the flow, i ask: will it be easier
> or more difficult to submit peps now? i really got the impression that now
> chances are slimmer.

Before submitting a PEP one (including core-devs) usually starts a
discussion on python-dev/ideas in order to start collecting feedback and,
most importantly, to figure out whether the idea deserves a PEP or not
(often times it doesn't). If the proposal is good it means somebody agreed
with you: those persons are likely gonna be the ones who'll likely sponsor
your PEP. If you can't find such a person immediately and the idea received
positive feedback I imagine you'll just be asked to write a proto-PEP
first, and if that is good enough somebody will eventually sponsor it and
possibly even help you. If you can't find any person then it probably means
it wasn't such a good idea, and that's also good because it will save you
from the trouble of writing the PEP in the first place (meeting the PEP
quality standards is not exactly a piece of cake). I doubt we'll end up in
a situation where a good proposal won't happen just because nobody is
willing to sponsor it.

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