[Python-Dev] Initial updates to PEP 1 for Steering Council based governance

Nick Coghlan ncoghlan at gmail.com
Mon Mar 11 08:23:13 EDT 2019

Hi folks,

Brett recently posted about the update to PEP 1 that added the PEP Sponsor
role, but folks may not have noticed that we've also made the amendments
needed to allow the PEP decision making process to restart:

This is the smallest change to PEP 1 that we consider potentially viable:
handling all PEPs through the BDFL-Delegate model, with the Steering
Council's primary involvement being to appoint the delegates (or accept
their volunteering), once a PEP has reached the point of being actively

We'll also act as an ongoing consulting resource for anyone that takes on
the BD role for a PEP.

We're currently working through the follow-up activity, which is to review
the list of Draft PEPs, and work out which ones are at a point where
assigning a BDFL-Delegate makes sense.

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