[Python-Dev] (Licensing question) backport of shutil.copyfile() functionality

Giampaolo Rodola' g.rodola at gmail.com
Mon Mar 11 19:35:01 EDT 2019

some time ago I contributed a couple of patches to speedup shutil.copy*()
I would like to backport both functionalities so that they can be used on
Python 2.7 and <3.8 and put it on PYPI. In order to do so I will basically
have to copy some parts of shutil module (copytree() function + the
unit-tests I added in BPO-33671 and a couple of other things). Are there
constraints regarding this in terms of license? Am I supposed to use GPL?
(I was thinking about using MIT)

Note: in this package called "zerocopy" I will probably want to expose
other functionalities such as tee(), splice() and CopyFileEx and
TransmitFile on Windows, so it's probably gonna be half a backport and half
a brand new project.


Giampaolo - http://grodola.blogspot.com
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