[Python-Dev] (Licensing question) backport of shutil.copyfile() functionality

Gregory P. Smith greg at krypto.org
Mon Mar 11 22:45:03 EDT 2019

Things in the standard library are already covered by the PSF license so
that is what should be kept on backports from the stdlib to earlier

I do recommend keeping your backported stuff and new functionality separate
(separate packages ideally, but that'll depend on how intertwined things
are) as Glenn also suggested so that your additional functionality can work
on modern Python interpreters without requiring your backported package.

Keep things labelled backports strictly API compatible with a fixed version
of the stdlib.  It lets people using them migrate _to_ the stdlib easier in
the future.

my 2 cents as the subprocess32 maintainer,

On Mon, Mar 11, 2019 at 4:35 PM Giampaolo Rodola' <g.rodola at gmail.com>

> Hello,
> some time ago I contributed a couple of patches to speedup shutil.copy*()
> functions:
> https://bugs.python.org/issue33671
> https://bugs.python.org/issue33695
> I would like to backport both functionalities so that they can be used on
> Python 2.7 and <3.8 and put it on PYPI. In order to do so I will basically
> have to copy some parts of shutil module (copytree() function + the
> unit-tests I added in BPO-33671 and a couple of other things). Are there
> constraints regarding this in terms of license? Am I supposed to use GPL?
> (I was thinking about using MIT)
> Note: in this package called "zerocopy" I will probably want to expose
> other functionalities such as tee(), splice() and CopyFileEx and
> TransmitFile on Windows, so it's probably gonna be half a backport and half
> a brand new project.
> Thanks.
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> Giampaolo - http://grodola.blogspot.com
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