[Python-Dev] deprecation of abstractstaticmethod and abstractclassmethod

Antoine Pitrou solipsis at pitrou.net
Thu May 16 07:31:00 EDT 2019

On Wed, 15 May 2019 13:00:16 -0700
Steve Dower <steve.dower at python.org> wrote:

> On 15May2019 1248, Nathaniel Smith wrote:
> > I don't care about the deprecation either way. But can we fix the 
> > individual decorators so both orders work? Even if it requires a special 
> > case in the code, it seems worthwhile to remove a subtle user-visible 
> > footgun.  
> The classmethod and staticmethod objects already have a getter for 
> __isabstractmethod__ that forwards to the underlying object, so they 
> should just need a setter as well, right?

Or, alternatively, raise an error if the wrong ordering is applied.
Failing silently isn't very helpful.



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