[Python-Dev] Feature request: Change a Dependency Package Version During Package Initiation

Q qiang.fang at zoho.com.cn
Fri May 17 04:09:45 EDT 2019

A lot of the Python code we use in production are used directly as imports in other python

distributions (such as the python comes with the finite element software Abaqus and MSC Marc), many

packages (such as matplotlib, numpy) that may have varying versioned dependencies, which makes it is

a pain to get all these dependencies met in those close source python distributions.

The work around is to let a version to be set within a package and have that propagate to all

modules in that package. For example in the root init.py if I set tonado version to be 2.2.1 then

all modules in that package will use tornado 2.2.1 when I import tornado.

See a relevant issue of a similar package on github:


Thank you!

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