[Python-Dev] ast changes for "debug" f-strings

Eric V. Smith eric at trueblade.com
Mon May 20 09:25:57 EDT 2019

I added an optional "expr_text" field to the FormattedValue node, which 
represents the text of the expression in a "debug" f-string expression. 
So in f'{x=}', expr_text would be "x=".

This strictly speaking isn't necessary. I could have added another 
Constant node for "x=" and left FormattedValue alone. I didn't for three 
reasons: it was expedient; it didn't require a lot of surgery to 
f-string parsing, which the extra Constant node would require; and it 
allowed the Python/ast_unparse.c code to produce a string that was more 
consistent with input string.

Now that I have more time, I'm rethinking this decision. I'd rather not 
have the extra churn that modifying the ast node will cause to 
downstream code. Someone (Serhiy?) already pointed this out somewhere, 
but now I can't find the original message.

But the issue of the fidelity of ast_unparse is still there. I think the 
only place this code is used is "from __future__ import annotations", 
but for all I know there's a plan to use it elsewhere.

Does anyone care that f'{x=}' would become f'x={x!r}' if I removed 
expr_text from the FormattedValue node?

This isn't the only place where ast_unparse isn't exact with what it 
produces. It's not designed to give the exact source text back, just 
something equivalent.

But it's not clear to me how equivalent it needs to be. Even if I did 
add the extra Constant node, then you'd have the following discrepancy:

f'value: {x=}' would produce:
[Expr(value=JoinedStr(values=[Constant(value='value: ', kind=None), 
Constant(value='x=', kind=None), FormattedValue(value=Name(id='x', 
ctx=Load()), conversion=114, format_spec=None, expr_text='x=')]))]

Note that there are two consecutive Constant nodes here. So this:

f'value: x={x!r}' would produce the slightly different:
[Expr(value=JoinedStr(values=[Constant(value='value: x=', kind=None), 
FormattedValue(value=Name(id='x', ctx=Load()), conversion=114, 

Note that there is a single Constant node, with the combined string in it.

I'm not sure how much we care about all of this, but let me know if you 
have a strong feeling about it.

My suggestion for the 3.8b1 release is to add the extra Constant node 
and remove expr_text from the FormattedValue node. This would at least 
mean that there's no change to the ast definitions due to this feature.

If we decide that the two consecutive Constant nodes generated by 
f'value: {x=}' need to be combined, then we can do that post 3.8b1. But 
it's a lot more work to combine the nodes while the f-string is being 

Let me know your thoughts, since time is of the essence.


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