[Python-Dev] Python in next Windows 10 update

Ethan Furman ethan at stoneleaf.us
Tue May 21 19:21:19 EDT 2019

On 05/21/2019 01:30 PM, Steve Dower wrote:

> In the next Windows 10 update that starts rolling out today, we (Microsoft) have added "python.exe" and "python3.exe" commands that are installed on PATH *by default* and will open the Microsoft Store at the page where we (Python core team) publish our build.
> This makes it a 1-2 click process to get from a clean machine to having a usable Python install ("python.exe" -> opens Store -> "Get it Free" -> "python.exe" now works!)

This is great!  I'm now actually looking forward to an update!  :-)


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