[Python-Dev] Python in next Windows 10 update

Steve Dower steve.dower at python.org
Fri May 24 12:11:33 EDT 2019

On 24May2019 0220, Baptiste Carvello wrote:
> Hello,
> Le 21/05/2019 à 22:30, Steve Dower a écrit :
>> [...]
>> * the Python 3.7 installed from the store will not auto-update to 3.8,
>> but when 3.8 is released we (Microsoft) will update the redirect to
>> point at it
>> * if you pass arguments to the redirect command, it just exits with an
>> error code - you only get the Store page if you run it without arguments
> I was wondering how those 2 bullet points combine. Say a user installs
> 3.7 from the store, then uses "python.exe" with arguments, in a shebang
> line or a batch script.
> Does it mean the script might break unexpectedly when 3.8 is released?
> Then, would it make sense for the redirect command to proxy to the 3.7
> install when arguments are passed?

This is a very big complicated situation (just like on Linux), but the 
answer is that if you are worried about your script breaking, then don't 
use "python.exe" in the shebang line or batch file. You can use 
"python3.7" just fine (well, no shebang lines on Windows).

As for the redirect command, if you install Python from the store, it 
will be replaced completely. Uninstalling Python doesn't even bring it 
back (another thing we considered and decided wasn't worth the effort - 
if you've installed Python once then you probably know how to find it 

And if you replace it with something higher in PATH then it's just like 
shadowing any other command, including the case where one day Microsoft 
adds a new version of a command you were using (e.g. ssh or bash :) ).

So there's really no change to your scenario due to the redirect, just 
the same old "if you don't specify the version of Python you want then 
you'll get what you get". (Refer to the linux-sig list for detailed 


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