[Python-Dev] Accepting PEP 587 (Python Initialization Configuration)

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Sun May 26 14:15:52 EDT 2019

On 5/26/2019 10:02 AM, Thomas Wouters wrote:
> As PEP-delegate, I'm accepting version 5 of PEP 587 (Python 
> Initialization Configuration). 
> Thanks, Victor, for pushing this massive amount of work through;

And thanks to you for reviewing and approving.

> it 
> won't affect most people using Python (at least until the rest of PEP 
> 432 lands) but it's a giant boon to those of us who embed Python :)

It affects us when apps decided to embed or not embed Python as their 
exposed scripting language.  The open-source Godot 2D/3D game engine 
started with Lua, switched to Squirrel (???), and tried to embed Python 
but ran into 'problems'.  Instead they developed a very Python-like 
GDScript, with a subset of Python syntax and expanded built-ins.  (So it 
is still easy for a Pythonista to use.)  It might be worthwhile to ask 
them what the fatal problems were.

Terry Jan Reedy

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