ANN: PyTables 0.1

Francesc Alted falted en
Sab Oct 5 00:02:30 CEST 2002


Que os pasa?, esto esta un poco muermo ultimamente...

Bueno, aqui va el anuncio del proyectito en el que estado trabajando los 2
ultimos meses. Lo mismo a alguien le interesa...



PyTables is a Python package which allows dealing with HDF5 tables. Such 
a table is defined as a collection of records whose values are stored in
fixed-length fields. PyTables is intended to be easy-to-use, and tries to
be a high-performance interface to HDF5. To achieve this, the newest
improvements introduced in Python 2.2 (like generators or slots and
metaclasses in new-brand classes) has been used. Pyrex creation extension
tool has been chosen to access the HDF5 library.

This package should be platform independent, but until now I've tested it
only with Linux. It's the first public release (v 0.1), and it is in 
alpha state.

You can get it from:

There is still not a project home page. Perhaps in next days.

Feedback welcomed.!

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