New release of "BerkeleyDB Backend Storage Engine for DURUS"

Jesus Cea jcea en
Mar Nov 21 01:18:34 CET 2006

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This release requires Durus 3.6. Already existing storages will be
upgraded automatically and instantaneously (non-stop), and will *NOT* be
usable in previous storage releases


    * This release REQUIRES Durus 3.6 or higher.

    * Storage databases created with this release are not compatible
with previous releases.

      First time you use this release to open a storage database created
by previous releases, it will be transparently "upgraded" to current
format, so:

          o The storage will become incompatible with previous releases.

          o In order to be able to upgrade the storage, you can't open
it in "read only" mode. Once upgraded, you can use "read only" mode freely.

          o The upgrade process doesn't take any RAM.

          o If the upgrade process is aborted (program quits, crashes,
machine reboot, etc), the database will be stable and clean. That is,
the upgrade process is transactional and SAFE.

          o The upgrade process will be "instantaneous".

    * A new checkpoint policy object:

      This checkpoint policy does a forced checkpoint when closing the
storage. This would slowdown storage shutdown, but speed up storage


# 20061117 - r275 - jcea en

Shy first implementation of "sync" feedback feature of Durus 3.6.

Since this point, this Storage Engine requires Durus 3.6 and up.

# 20061117 - r274 - jcea en

Full implementations of "garbage_collection_noop" and
"garbage_collection_inline" policy objects.

# 20061117 - r264 - jcea en

A late compatibility fix for Durus 3.6.

This fix requires a (instantaneous) storage upgrade.

# 20061117 - r262 - jcea en

Initial support for a garbage collection policy objects.

# 20061116 - r257 - jcea en

A new checkpoint policy object:

# 20061116 - r251 - jcea en

More gentle database closing if the program closes the storage handle
and then dies without giving an oportunity to the garbage collector.

# 20061116 - r250 - jcea en

The storage did a database recover even if asked to not do it.

# 20061116 - r246 - jcea en

Do some minor changes for compatibility with just released Durus 3.6.

# 20061116 - r245 - jcea en

"KNOW_HOW-DURUS" updated to Durus 3.6.

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