[python-hpc] Python on microcontroller

Christophe Meyers cmeyers at MIT.EDU
Wed Mar 21 15:59:11 CET 2012

Dear Python community,

I am a student at the MIT Media Lab, where I am carrying out a project
related to micro-grids/distributed generation.
One of the aspects of a smart micro-grid is to be able to control and have
an exchange of information between the various components.

Given the positive image and strength of Python, I thought of using Python
for the control and information exchange of my micro-grid.
I am also briefly involved with the One Laptop Per Child project, so am
fairly familiar with Python.

My question relates to being able to operate Python on
a micro-controller and Arduino (as you know Arduino is slightly different
from the other chips on the market).
I had a look at your site and the Internet and came across 2 possibilities.
They are PyMite http://wiki.python.org/
moin/PyMite<http://wiki.python.org/moin/PyMite> and
Pyastra http://pyastra.​sourceforge.net/ <http://pyastra.sourceforge.net/> .
Which of the 2 solutions, would allow me to do more complex control ?
Particularly which of the options is more reliable ?

Thank you for support
Kind Regards

Christophe Meyers
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