[Python-ideas] Python package files

Christian Heimes lists at cheimes.de
Mon Apr 30 16:22:31 CEST 2007

Adam Atlas wrote:
> I think it would be useful for Python to accept imports of standalone  
> files representing entire packages, maybe with the extension .pyp. A  
> package file would basically be a ZIP file, so it would follow fairly  
> easily from the current zipimport mechanism... its top-level  
> directory would be the contents of a package named by the outer ZIP  
> file. In other words, suppose we have a ZIP file called  
> "package.pyp", and at its top level, it contains "__init__.py" and  
> "blah.py". Anywhere this can be located, it would be equivalent to a  
> physical directory called "package" containing those two files. So  
> you can simply do "import package" as usual, regardless of whether  
> it's a directory or a .pyp.

What are the benefits of your proposal over the already established 
Python eggs? As far as I understand your proposal it's not much 
different to eggs. In fact eggs + setuptools support more features like 
dependencies, multiversion installation and many more.


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