[Python-ideas] PEP 3107 Function Annotations: interoperability (again)

Collin Winter collinw at gmail.com
Wed Jan 3 22:55:25 CET 2007

On 1/3/07, Guido van Rossum <guido at python.org> wrote:
> On 1/3/07, Collin Winter <collinw at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I agree that a convention will develop organically, but I would add
> > that the emergence of that convention will be governed by two things:
> > who has the bigger market share, and who's first to market. When the
> > first big project like Zope or Twisted announces that "we will do
> > annotation interop like so...", everyone else will be pressured to
> > line up behind them. Until that happens, smaller projects like mine
> > will either a) not support annotation interop (because there's no
> > good, obvious solution), or b) pick an interop scheme at random
> > (again, because there's no good, obvious solution).


> I realize this is frustrating for you, but I really don't think it's
> appropriate to pre-empty this with a standardization attempt
> before-the-fact (remember ISO networking?). You could be first to
> market yourself -- after all you already have a type checking package!

Unless someone comes up with a good interop solution before the Py3k
release, I doubt my typechecking package will support annotation
interop; I don't want to pick a mechanism,  only to have to roll
another release when Zope or Twisted or some other big project pushes
out their own solution.

I will support annotations, though; that way, I can at least gather
real-world usage data when users complain about not being able to use
more than one annotation consumer : )

Collin Winter

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