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Aaron Brady castironpi at comcast.net
Sat May 12 02:56:03 CEST 2007

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> class WebRetrieveElement:
> 	url= None
> 	filename= None
> 	hook= None
> 	def netretrieveOld( self ):
> 			urlretrieve( self.url, self.filename, self.hook )
> 	def netretrieveNew( self ):
> 			urlretrieve( self.url, self.filename, self.hook )

And while I'm at it and thinking clearly, with cool weather and open doors,
the basic problem here, underlying and distilled, is that None is serving
double-duty.  I've had a feeling so since month two.

It's used to signal an absence of a value.  But there are two distinct
situations in which it's needed.  One for values, two for function calls.

You could always require all parameter defaults to equal `None'.  But since
they're not, take this.

DefaultArg = object()

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