[Python-ideas] proposal to add rowexpr as a keyword

Steve Howell showell30 at yahoo.com
Wed May 30 01:24:39 CEST 2007

Josiah wrote:


Josiah, you are correct about all the following, and I
apologize for any incorrect paraphrase:

  1) I am proposing to add a mini-language within
  2) I want relational data processing tasks to be
easier within Python.
  3) I want rowexpr to acquire names from the passed
first argument (with sensible scoping rules, of
  4) Point #4 essentially amounts to free enclosing
scope goodies.
  5) My proposal does indeed smell of magic.
  6) I do want the code to be easier to read for me
(with the full caveat that YMMV).
  7) I want the small clarity win.
  8) I think the only way to achieve this particular
clarity win is to add syntax.

You may be incorrect about the following, or I may
just be understanding your points, but I'm not wrong
about any of these, since I'm just characterizing my
own feelings:

  1) I don't want rowexpr to be pretty much an alias
for lambda; I actually want it to be more powerful.

  2) I'm not sweating performance here; I'm already
using an interpreted language.  I don't want Python to
be faster for my day-to-day tasks; I want it to be
more expressive.  I even--and I'll dare say--want the
language to be BIGGER.

  3) I'm not ignorant of the resistance to macro
expansions in Python, but I do think a year-2010
Python interpreter could compile SQL syntax directly
into bytecode.

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