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Joseph Maurer clarkksv at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 1 15:46:02 CEST 2007

Ok.  Thanks for letting me know.  Call me Clark.  I go by my middle name. I need to change my yahoo account.

Does the implementation you describe do the following:

1. Can it be used in per file type of operation (i.e. reload a file of code). It sounds like it can.
2. Will it update variables containing pointers to functions and pointers to methods.  As long as the function/method data is being modified in place, this algorithm will work.

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Joseph Maurer wrote:
> Please shot this down this high level implementation if it 
> won't work in the current code base.

Joseph, you're going to have to learn more about how Python
works if you want to take this any further. It's not really
possible to discuss it in terms as high-level as this. You're
making some assumptions about the overall structure that
aren't really true.

There is an approach that might work, but it's rather
different. Instead of trying to load the new code directly
into the old module, load it into a new, temporary module
and then compare the contents of the two, transferring
selected parts where appropriate.

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