[Python-ideas] raw strings

Clark Maurer cmaurer at slickedit.com
Mon Oct 1 16:11:39 CEST 2007

I'll apologize in advance for this one since I suspect a lot of people
have hit this.


The current implementation doesn't allow for a trailing backslash in the


Why don't raw strings in Python work more like C# @"..." strings?  Then
it would allow for a trailing backslash and you could still get a single
quote by two consecutive quotes characters. 


f=r'c:\src\f'         # This is ok and gives you what you want

f=r'c:\src\f\'       # Compilation error. String is not terminated.

f=r'''c:\src\f\'''   # This doesn't work either and causes a compilation

f=r'Here''s another mistake'   # This doesn't do what you would think.  

                                                            # You get
'Heres another mistake'

f=r'''Here's another mistake'''   # This works but being able to use raw
strings for this would be nice.


f='c:\\src\\f\\'  # this works but is ugly



I just don't understand the rationale for the current implementation.
I thought the intention of raw strings was to allow for backslashes in
the string.  The current implementation does a bad job at it.  Any
chance this could be changed with a backward compatibility option? 


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