[Python-ideas] A new .pyc file format

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En Mon, 28 Apr 2008 11:30:52 -0300, Calvin Spealman
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> I'll play my part here and toss out some ideas we
could use this for.  
> I'm not really advocating it, yet, but I'll say I am
+0. In either case,  
> if we did, here are some possible uses:
> We could break up the code into multiple sections
and allow alternatives  
> for sections with different versions. Different
versions could be used  
> for a few different things, including different
optimization levels,  
> supporting multiple bytecode versions, or storing
both pre and post AST  
> transformations of the code.

Thanks for the examples! The idea was to allow storing
such things, but I could not think of a concrete
alternative example.

> Meta-ish data like docstrings could be pulled out of
the code objects  
> and injected in non-optimized modes. This might also
include original  
> source for code, which could be helpful when you
change the source and  
> still-running code tracebacks and gives you invalid
> Bookkeeping data could sit in some sections,
detailing things like call  
> stats (average call time, frequency, etc) and other
information that  
> could be useful for optimizers and JIT compilers
like psyco.

Do you mean, to update the file after the code is
executed, to store such statistics? When would it be

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