[Python-ideas] Python Object Notation (PyON)

Arnaud Delobelle arnodel at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 3 13:41:33 CET 2008

On 3 Nov 2008, at 05:52, Zaur Shibzoukhov wrote:

> Arnaud Delobelle wrote:
>> Looking at the page, it seems to me that it aims to:
>> * be able to give a string representation of any(*) object like  
>> pickle
>> and unlike json
>> * produce human readable output like json and unlike pickle
> Yes it works that way.
>> (*) for a suitable definition of 'any', ideally the same as pickle I
>> guess.
> Now pyon can't dump any recursive object. It can dump recursive lists
> and tuples now.
> I also going to add support for recursive dicts, and then for other  
> objects.

How do you represent a recursive list? E.g.

On 1 Nov 2008, at 19:49, Mathias Panzenböck wrote:
> I wonder what it would yield in this case:
> lst = ['foo']
> lst.append(lst)


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