[Python-ideas] A Wiki-style documentation with an approval process

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Sat Nov 22 13:54:25 CET 2008

    Stephen>     But these days even wikis are often requiring registration
    Stephen>     to slow down wiki spam.  Specifically, Python's does.

We've added ACLs to a number of frequently spammed pages, but in general we
still allow anonymous contributions to the Python wiki.  You can see that's
the case if you visit the info link of most pages.  For example I know the
BayPiggiesGoogleMeetings page is frequently edited anonymously:


Note that the editor column is frequently a hostname.

OTOH, the FrontPage was frequently spammed as were a number of unusual
pages.  The form such spam takes is often about the same from one incident
to another.  My guess is there's a "root kit" for spamming wikis out there.
It's probably a case of "even my grandmother could spam your wiki".


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