[Python-ideas] For CPython 3.1: make type Check and CheckExact macros consistent? universal?

Larry Hastings larry at hastings.org
Fri Apr 24 15:55:04 CEST 2009

There are a bunch of type-checking macros in Include/*.h.  Most classes 
only provide one, Check(), implemented as follows:

    #define PyWhatever_Check(ob) (Py_TYPE(ob) == &PyWhatever_Type)

Examples of this style include PyRange, PyMemoryView, PyFunction, and 

Then there are types with a more sophisticated view of type identity.  
For example, an object can qualify as a list even if its type is not 
PyList_Type.  For such types, there's a Check() macro that does a more 
sophisticated check.  They'll also have a CheckExact() macro doing an 
exact type check; that'll look like PyWhatever_Check above.

Then there's PyMethod.  PyMethod has a CheckExact macro but *doesn't* 
have a Check macro.  Hmm!

When I stumbled across that it got me to thinking.  Might it be a good 
idea for all Python types to have both Check and CheckExact macros?  The 
CheckExact form would be consistent, and for types that only need an 
"exact" check they could define Check in terms of CheckExact:

    #define PyWhatever_CheckExact(ob) (Py_TYPE(ob) == &PyWhatever_Type)
    #define PyWhatever_Check PyWhatever_CheckExact

This would let you express your intent.  If you were expecting a 
Whatever-like object, you always use Check.  If you require that exact 
object, you always use CheckExact.

On the other hand, maybe every type-checking macro that does 
(Py_TYPE(ob) == &PyWhatever_Type) should be called CheckExact, and for 
types that don't have an inexact check they don't have a Check.

Or maybe the existing subclass-style Check macros should be renamed 
CheckSubclass (or Implemented or something) and Check should always do a 
CheckExact-style check.

I admit this isn't a stupendous idea, but I thought it was worth typing 
up.  If there's interest I'd be happy to supply a patch for whichever 
form found favor.

Or we could forget the whole thing, you and I,

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