[Python-ideas] Making stars optional? (was: Making colons optional?)

Bruce Leban bruce at leapyear.org
Thu Feb 5 19:30:00 CET 2009

In algebra, you don't have to put a multiplication sign in between two
quantities that you want to multiply. I've seen beginning programmers write
things like

    x = 3a + 4(b-c)

instead of

    x = 3*a + 4*(b-c)

Why should we require the stars when it's unambiguous what the first
statement means?

--- Bruce

P.S. Pascal used words if ... then ... and while ... do ... and begin ...
end. I like non-alpha symbols that stand out better, like colons, braces and
indentation. I don't need a semicolon to tell me where the end of a line is.
I only need something to tell me where the end of a line ISN'T and I handle
that with prominent indentation.
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