[Python-ideas] Add a cryptographic hash (e.g SHA1) of source toPython Compiled objects?

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Thu Feb 5 22:57:19 CET 2009

rocky at gnu.org wrote:
> Brett Cannon writes:

>  > marshal.dumps(compile(open('file.py').read(), 'file.py', 'exec')) ==
>  > open('file.pyc').read()[8:]
> Thanks. 
> Alas, I can't see how in practice this will be generally useful.
> Again, here is the problem: I have a some sort of compiled python file
> and something which I think is the source code for it. I want to
> verify that it is.
> (In a debugger it means we can warn that what you are seeing is not
> what's being run. However I do not believe this is the only situation
> where getting the answer to this question is helpful/important.)
> The solution above is very sensitive to knowing the name of the file
> (files?) used in compilation because those are stored in the
> co_filename portion of the code object. 

Instead of comparing marshal strings, custom compare the code objects, 
ignoring .co_filename.


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