[Python-ideas] Alternative name for yield-from

Greg Ewing greg.ewing at canterbury.ac.nz
Thu Feb 19 10:19:55 CET 2009

Ron Adam wrote:

> Is y a list of values sent to g?  Excuse me if I'm a bit lost there. I 
> haven't played around with the new generator features yet.

This relates to the discussion about my proposal for
a 'yield from' statement. Part of it is that 'return x'
in a generator will be equivalent to 'raise StopIteration(x)',
with x becoming the value of the 'yield from' expression
(or in this case the 'pass' expression).

 > Having the presence of yield to determine
> if they are a generator or not, seems a bit implicit to me. I'd much 
> prefer a new keyword, 'defgen' or something like it

That argument was debated at great length and lost long
ago, when generators were first invented. I don't
think there's any chance of it being changed now.

I don't know that it would help anything much anyhow,
since you also need to be aware that it's a generator
every time you use it, and even if it's defined differently,
that doesn't help at the call site. The only solution to
that is naming conventions and/or documentation.


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