[Python-ideas] a portable python

charles balkon charles_c_balkon at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 20 04:14:30 CET 2009

I would like to use python but I really hate the way you guys change versions
like underwear.

If it could be possible could there be a separate version of python like "IcePython"
that would be a executable with a bz2 file containing all the py files for the modules.
Then when i run the script i would run this single executable and it would dig into it's own version of py files hidden in the bz2.

This would make life much easier since I could ignore the rapid changes in the api of python until i'm ready to move code to a new version.

I think there's a reason corporations want long 5 year versions of linux.

This would help when you have many different boxes running many different oses and many different python versions.

it would be more of a write once with this executable version and it's bz2 file tagging along.

Then no matter what box i want to run it on i just drop 3 files and it will run there.

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