[Python-ideas] Syntax for curried functions

Adam Atlas adam at atlas.st
Tue Mar 3 00:05:25 CET 2009

On 2 Mar 2009, at 04:22, Weeble wrote:
> Would this be crazy? Make this:
> def spam(a,b,c)(d,e,f):
>    [BODY]
> a synonym for:
> def spam(a,b,c):
>    def spam2(d,e,f):
>        [BODY]
>    return spam2

I once proposed (as far as I can tell) the exact same thing. Here's  
the discussion that took place -- http://markmail.org/message/aa22tnx2vog3rnin

I still like the idea, but it doesn't appear to be very popular.

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